At the recent 2005 Consumer Electronics Show, a small group of media were shown a brief presentation on a "top secret" new franchise being developed by Big Big Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for play on the PSP.

We've poked and prodded a few PR people for details… and here is what we've learned–

The tentative title of the new game is Pursuit Force. The general concept behind the game is that it's "the law enforcement side of Grand Theft Auto." Players will assume the role of a law enforcement officer with his own squad car and motobike, but will also be able to commandeer civilian vehicles in order to chase after suspects. Like GTA, the game will be set in a large city environment. Much of the game will involve "borrowing" civilian cars and chasing after criminals, but players will be able to get out of the car and initiate gun battles as well. Unlike GTA, penalties will be given for injuring civilians and destroying property.

That's what we know for now.

Sounds like a modern re-invention of Chase HQ, doesn't it?

We'll have more information and screenshots in the coming weeks, once Sony officially announces the game.

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