Media Create has released the latest Japanese software sales data for the week ending March 19th. It seems the Japanese are really getting into Final Fantasy XII – who saw that coming? The DS continues its amazing performance with seven of the top ten games. Sadly the PSP is nowhere to be found on the list – an all too frequent occurance.

1. PS2-Final Fantasy XII
2. DS-Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori
3. DS- Motto Nou wo Kitaeru Otona no DS Training
4. DS-Eigo ga Nigate na Otona no DS Training
5. DS-Nou wo Kitaeru Otona no DS Training
6. PS2-Sengoku Musou 2
7. DS-Nintendo) Mario Kart DS
8. DS-Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana
9. PS2-Guitar Freaks V and Drum Mania V
10. DS-Chou-Gekijou-Ban Keroro Gunsou

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