Good news for PSP owners looking for high-tech accessories… Griffin Technology, the makers of all of those nifty gadgets for iPods, have come out with PSP versions of some of their products.

iTrip PSP is an FM transmitter that allows you to transmit in-game audio or the music stored on your memory stick to any nearby FM radio, including the one in your car. The unit attaches to the bottom of the PSP and allows multiple frequency settings (handy for folks that live in large cities).

iFM PSP is a radio tuner and remote control for your PSP. It works just like the tiny remote that comes with many portable CD players. You plug your headphones into the top of the remote. A long cable extends from the other end and plugs into the PSP's headphone port, allowing you to put the PSP in your pocket while the remote can be held in your hand or clipped to your shirt or jacket. In addition to MP3 playback controls, the unit also includes a built-in tuner for picking up FM radio stations.

SmartShare PSP is a headphone splitter with individual volume controls. Using it, two people can listen to the same MP3's, watch the same UMD movies, or listen to the same in-game audio.

All three products are on sale now.

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