Earlier this week we reported that the PSP may be receiving an upgrade in the
form of 8GB of internal Flash memory. Well, it hasn't taken long for that rumor
to evolve into another. PSP World is reporting that the PSP is only going to be receiving 4GB of
NAND of Flash memory, and not the 8GB sites were reporting earlier. The site's
unnamed source wasn't done, however, and continued to give details on the
upcoming revision:

"Sony will also trim approximately a quarter of inch from the device, and
offer it in three color choices — black, white and silver."

"The next version of Sony's PSP will sport an integrated digital video
camera that will allow users to stream live video to the PlayStation 3… will
utilize the PSP's Wi-Fi support, will be marketed as the new way to chat with
friends while on the go."

There's enough buzz about a revision to the PSP that most people think that
some Sony has something up their sleeves. Is it an integrated digital camera? I
say there's not a chance – it just doesn't make any sense as nobody is really
clamoring for this feature. Multiple colors, a tad bit smaller unit and some
integrated memory? Yeah, one or more of those could happen. Sony hasn't exactly
been in the giving mood with regards to their future plans, so until they decide
to let everyone in on the big secret, we'll do our best to keep you posted on
all the speculation

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