What better way to show some love to the PSP than releasing a new version of the hallowed niche fighter for Sony's little portabnle wonder? Though it may never have cracked the mainstream, Dreamcast owners and Arcade Junkies will no doubt understand the joy of the arena-style fighter.

Powerstone is a fighting game, so the main goal is, expectedly, to kick the crap out of your opponent. What makes it different is the free-roaming nature of the gameplay (you aren't restricted to always facing the enemy), the ability to collect power-up gems, and the interactive environments. With up the 3 other players, the chaos can be astounding.

The collection will feature both Power Stone one (2 players) and Power Stone 2 (up to 4 players), playable in ad-hoc online mode using only one UMD. That way you can still play it with your cheapskate buddies. It also features several tweaks, new weapons, new stages, a camera mode, and plenty of unlockables to round out the package. Some may say the PSP is still receiving too many ports, but at the very least, it's getting updates to classic games that never got much of a chance in the first place, like Powerstone. Check out the screenshots of this swank collection here .