We brought

that Namco is planning to bring Tekken to the PSP handheld later this year. Today, we learned a few more details about this exciting upcoming release.

Firstly, the game will be released this summer in Japan. No word yet on a release date for North America or Europe.

The game's current working title is Tekken: Dark Resurrection. Our source inside Namco tells us that while the PSP game will indeed be based on the recently-unveiled arcade game, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, it won't actually be a direct port. Instead, the game will be an "original" effort with revamped graphics and additional characters and modes not found in the arcade game.

So far, confirmed modes include arcade, time attack, practice, multiplayer, and mini-games. The multiplayer mode will be ad hoc only, not online. Similar to Soul Calibur III, players will be able to acquire items for the characters and outfit custom characters in an edit mode of sorts. We don't know yet, however, whether this edit mode will only allow cosmetic changes, or whether players will be able to adjust move sets and whatnot.

The character roster will include all of the characters found in the recent Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection arcade game, along with a couple bonus characters. We asked our source to shed some insight into the list of bonus characters, but all they were willing to tell us is that Kuma and Gon (the kangaroo) are in there, as is a new character that looks suspiciously like Talim from Soul Calibur III.

That's all we know right now. We've been told to expect direct feed screenshots within the next few weeks, and that the game will be on display and playable at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo in May.

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