Media Create has released the latest software sales data in Japan for the
week ending January 22nd. The good news is that the PSP makes its first
appearance in a long time with Monster Hunter Portable. The bad news for Sony is
that the PS2 is nowhere to be seen. The Nintendo DS dominates the charts,
continuing its strong performance over the last month.

Motto Otona no DS Training (Nintendo, DS): 100,538
Oideyo Dobutsu no Mori (Nintendo, DS): 79,363
Super Mario Strikers (Nintendo, GC): 74,209
Otona no DS Training (Nintendo, DS): 48,833
Mario Kart DS (Nintendo, DS): 37821
Monster Hunter Portable (Capcom, PSP): 28,513
Tamagochi no PuchiPuchi Missechi (Bandai, DS): 22,843
Biohazard Deadly Silence (Capcom, DS): 20,380
Yawaraka Atama (Nintendo, DS): 19319
Mario & Luigi RPG 2 (Nintendo, DS): 18669

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