Though unfortunately not another game in the classic horror franchise, The Silent Hill Experience instead pursues the route of animated comic. Somewhat akin to the "interactive dramas" that Japan has been used to for years, SHE comes packed with 6 15-minute long moving comics. That means that the viewer will move through a comic-style narrative with various moving picture elements, artistic panel transitions, and pop-up speech bubbles layered against the background of creator Akira Yamaoka's haunting soundtrack.

Konami has expressed interest in this unique narrative form as of late considering their other golden child, Hideo Kojima, plans to release Metal Gear BD (also for the PSP) sometime later this year. BD comes as the result of a collaboration between Kojima and Sin City creator Frank Miller.

Though it has yet to be seen whether or not American audiences will take to The Silent Hill Experience's unique form of storytelling, it comes with DVD-style special features such as a soundtrack selector, interviews, movie and game trailers, and other hidden content. At the right price, it could be a compelling adjunct to a Silent Hill fan's game collection.