report of the Sony CES Conferences:

"John Koller talking about Sony's position in the gaming industry. They expect another 5 years with the PS2 on top of anticipating the PS3 launch and celebrating early success with the PSP. They've sold more than 4 million PSP units in the US, with 70 titles and 250 movies now out. PSP development hasn't stopped — PSP Connect to launch in March for users to download full-length movies and new titles.

That's right, come March you'll finally have a reason to use that wireless function on your PSP! Sony's official site provides a few more details, citing the fact that music, television shows, videos, films, and, perhaps most importantly, games will be downloadable through the service. What content does that mean, exactly? Well, you can be sure to catch episodes of television programs from Sony Picture Studios and any number of songs and films from the company's various media labels. No doubt competing with the new iPod Video content from Apple (though Connect has been in the works for awhile), be prepared to turn your PSP into the gam…multimedia device it was always meant to be!

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