"Between our meetings, we held an afternoon brainstorming session in the glass room. We dealt once more with the new PSP project. Okamura the confessional man, Shinta (AC!D2's Director), Murashu, Yamamoto-kun, Yamada-kun, and I all attended as the six participants. We six share knowledge of the top secret ideas that form the project's core. Today we organized and developed our previous ideas.

We've made great progress. I've got a feeling that the project will work. It looks fine.

It's a new type of game, so we need to know whether or not users will accept the idea. We'll need to develop a trial version and test it. This changed our discussion during the brainstorming session. We discussed the best time to make the trial products that test each idea, how to create them, and how to evaluate the feedback received from the trial run.

The gameplay system will diverge from existing gameplay trends. That's really the selling point… so I've made my decision. We'll test whether or not people will accept it."

Though the details are vague, it seems as though the project will be headed by Shinta Nojiri (co-director of Metal Gear Ac!d 2) and feature equally deviant gameplay. As Team Kojima is constantly feeling around for new ways to experience the gameplay of the classic series, the results of the new PSP title should be, if nothing else, intriguing and different.

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