Tecmo has sent word that Tokobot, an action/platformer for the PSP ships to stores nationwide today and will be available in retailers across the country this week. Tecmo promises the Tokobots' action, puzzles, animation and characters make this a game for people of all ages.

“Tokobot’s originality is what sets it aside from all other PSP system games on the market today. Developed exclusively for the PSP system, its fun and addicting game play is a perfect match for gamers on the go” John Inada, Tecmo’s General Manager said. “After 5 minutes of playing, gamers will fall in love with Tokobot, I did!”

In Tokobots players take on the role of the young hero “Bolt”, an agent who has discovered some friendly, highly advanced robots called “Tokobots” during his explorations of ancient ruins. With the help of the loyal Tokobots, Bolt will reveal mysteries and save the world from a horrible plot by avoiding obstacles, traps and enemies – by working together to create “team combos”. We'll have a review of the game as soon as we finish working our way through the mountain of reviews we already have.