Video playback off of the memory stick is one of the PSP's
coolest features, but most people have never even taken a stab at using it. Why?
It’s a pain in the rear. Neuros, maker of portable
media devices sums up problem

“With the choices essentially boiling down
to ‘expensive and limited’, ‘illegal’, and ‘painfully difficult’, is it any
wonder most PSP users choose ‘none of the above’, and the PSP’s video
capabilities remain tragically underutilized.”

The company is putting their money where their mouth is
with their MPEG-4 Recorder, which is scheduled to be
release later this month in North America and Europe. Retailing for $149.99 the
wallet-sized device plugs into your DVR, VCR, Cable Box, or camcorder and
records the video right on to your memory stick.

We recently did a feature on the
unit which

you can read here. Neuros was kind enough to
send along a Beta unit, which I put through the paces, loading up my memory
stick with football and a Beavis and Butthead marathon. A few minor quibbles
aside, the system works very well and indeed does everything Neuros has said it
will do.

If you're looking for more information on the MPEG-4
Recorder or you just want to find out more you can head over to the company's
site right here.

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