Sometime in 2006, Tivo subscribers will be able to transfer their favorite shows directly to handheld devices… including Sony's PlayStation Portable.

The service, known as TivoToGo, already allows subscribers to transfer their recordings to laptops and PCs over a home network. In the coming weeks, Tivo will begin distributing a new software program to a select group of Tivo Series2 subscribers that will expand TivoToGo to allow them to transfer TV recordings to handheld devices.

As a security measure, all programs transferred using TivoToGo will be encoded with a digital watermark. This watermark will insert the customer's account number into the recording, giving Tivo a way to track customers who share or "illegally" distribute TV recordings.

Once the test period ends, sometime during the first quarter of 2006, the new service will rolled out to all Series2 subscribers.

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