Soon your dreams of playing Namco's quirky Katamari series on the go will come true. Me and My Katamari (working title) will be launching in North America and Europe in 2006 on the PSP.

"The mesmerizing appeal of the Katamari franchise's game play continues to transcend cultural boundaries and receive critical acclaim," said Yoshi Niki, Business Unit Director, Namco. "We are excited to expand our offerings to the PSP system, so that our fans can play Katamari whenever and wherever they are."

Taking a break from celestial construction, the King of All Cosmos takes the royal family on vacation to a tropical island paradise, where they become tasked with the responsibility of creating new katamari islands for homeless animals. An epic undertaking of this time, earthly proportions, the King calls upon his pint-sized son, the Prince, and all of his cousins for help.

New features found in Me and My Katamari include:

Wireless play for up to four people on the PSP system.

A cast of playable characters that includes the Prince and his cousins.

Customization options for player characters, including new masks and headgear, as well as the ability to wear them on the head, face and body.

A new island interface that highlights player options and the different stages represented by animals in need of new homes.