It's a darn good reason to log on to the PlayStation Network next week. That counts double if you're a Final Fantasy fan.

As revealed at the PlayStation Blog , Dissidia Duodecim Prologus: Final Fantasy hits the PSN on March 15. The cost to you is only $2.99, and you'll be able to "witness Lightning before the storm;" that's right, the Final Fantasy XIII heroine will join the Dissidia franchise for the first time. Furthermore, after completing Prologus , you can carry your items over to the full Duodecim Final Fantasy , which will arrive a week later on March 22. Oh, and if you do pick up Prologus , you can also nab a new unlockable character: Aerith Gainsborough. Yep, Aeris will be an Assist Character, which makes a lot of sense. While Dissidia isn't exactly designed for the old-school, hardcore RPG faithful – it's basically a fighter, not a role-playing game – it's always cool to have our favorite characters duke it out. Did that start with Ehrgeiz ?

And besides, it's plenty easy to hook up and download. So much easier than going to a store or whatever.

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