Gamma Pack 3 for WipeOut Pure is now available, less than a month after the previous pack was released!

Owners of WipeOut Pure for the PSP can grab the pack on the web from or download it directly to the game through the video game's "Download" menu. (The appropriate USB cable or WiFi connection is required.)

Gamma Pack 3 includes 1 new craft, 1 new track, and 1 new menu skin. It weighs in at 6MB.

The new craft is Van Uber, which excels at turning and side shifts. Meanwhile, the new track is the high altitude Sebeno Peak circuit, a breathtaking track set around the snowy confines of Mount Sebeneco. Last, but not least, the new team skin lets you outfit WipeOut Pure's menus with the Feisar color scheme and logo.

After downloading the pack, you'll also notice that 2 new tournaments have been unlocked: Gamma and Descension. The Gamma tournament spans all of the Gamma Pack tracks, while the Descension tournament is a 12-track test of endurance.

This brings the grand total of WipeOut Pure download content offered to date to 2 crafts, 4 tracks, and 4 menu skins… eating up 17.6MB.

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