If you're one of the many people frustrated with how difficult it is to get
multimedia content onto your PSP, X-OOM Movies from X-OOM Software  might
be what you're looking for. Available in the North America on July 17. X-OOM
Movies on PSP will allow PSP owners to easily convert their movies, TV shows,
and other digital video content to a playable format on their system.

The new software removes conversion, compression and formatting challenges, and
makes playing recorded DVDs, DivX, WMV, AVI, Real, MPEG and many other digital
video formats on the PSP. A high-speed encoder integrated in X-OOM Movies on PSP
automatically re-sizes video files to fit the Sony PSP format and optimizes
files for the device's display.

Converted movies can be saved directly to a PC or to a Sony Memory-Stick and can
be transferred to the Sony PSP simply by connecting the device to a PC through a
standard USB cable (sold separately). Proprietary X-OOM Fit-to-stick technology
automatically compresses video files to fit standard memory cards (64 MB, 128
MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB).

We'll certainly make every effort to get our hands on this piece of software
and give you a review as soon as possible.

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