You know, you have to admit: Sony continues to make good strides with the PSP, and sometimes, significant changes occur right under our very noses. Didn't know about Ad-Hoc Party? Time to learn.

Initially, the multiplayer service was announced specifically for use with the wildly popular Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G , but since then, beta testers have realized that Sony plans to make Ad-Hoc Party compatible with many other titles. This service, which started beta testing on November 6, allows players to come together on the PSP in a way they never could before, and suddenly changes the multiplayer outlook for many games. Now, Sony has released a list of 32 additional titles that support Ad-Hoc Party, and as you can see, most are problem-free so far during the testing phase. However, if you scroll down, you'll come across the games that aren't faring so well, and the issues will give you a better idea of the current technical problems this new service is facing. But we expect they'll get things cleaned up shortly, and we're also relatively certain that more Ad-Hoc Party-compatible titles are on the way. Sony always stresses communication and connectivity, so something like this fits nicely into that business approach.

Stay tuned for more on Ad-Hoc Party as the information becomes available. By the way, since the beta application has been up for download on the PS3, over 90,000 users have snagged it.

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12 years ago

i dont remember seeing this on the DLC of the ps3.

EDIT: oh japan thats why lol

Last edited by crapreviews on 11/20/2008 10:57:35 AM