Japanese trade publication Famitsu (basically, it's Japan's EGM) and its sister publication, Famitsu PS2, have weighed in with reviews of some of the games slated to launch with the PSP this month.

Each game in Famitsu is reviewed by four people, who assign it a score between 0 and 10. Games in Famitsu PS2 are reviewed by three people, who also assign a score between 0 and 10. The scores are then added together to come up with an overall score.

Of the five PSP games featured in Famitsu, Ridge Racers and Minna No Golf (aka Hot Shots Golf) scored the highest, taking home a 34 and a 33 respectively.

Here's the Famitsu list:

Famitsu PS2 featured reviews of seven PSP games, and Ridge Racers and Minna No Golf also took the top spots in that publication.

Famitsu PS2 list:

Between the information Namco has revealed about Ridge Racers and the two Famitsu scores, it sure looks like that's going to be the marquee launch title of choice both in Japan and later when the system ships in North America. That score of 70% for Vampire Chronicle sure is troubling, but we'll see about that once we have our PSP's in hand next week. The Japanese have seen three times as many Darkstalkers / Vampire games as we have, so perhaps they're innately sick of the rehashes.

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