It was one of the best puzzlers to ever hit the PSP, which automatically means a sequel is imminent. We've heard that LocoRoco 2 is in development by SCE Studios Japan, but until now, we hadn't heard about a possible release date for any region.

According to D-Pad Magazine, SCEE has confirmed that this highly anticipated handheld sequel will release in November in Europe. The press release apparently wasn't too specific, but at the very least, Euro gamers should expect LocoRoco 2 to hit store shelves before 2008 is out. If you're not quite familiar, here's a quick description:

"The story begins when the happy and harmonious LocoRoco are attacked by the evil Moja army who want to destroy their beautiful planet with their evil music. Easy to pick up, players use the simple buttons of the PSP to tilt the LocoRocos planet back and forth, manoeuvring the jelly-like bubbles of fun to collect musical notes and other colourful items. As LocoRoco collect more musical notes, various bonus features will unlock, such as viewing maps."

We could make a guess as to when the game might arrive in North America, but with only a loose November date for Europe, accuracy could be tough. Let's just say we hope LocoRoco 2 is a 2008 holiday smash here in the U.S. as well. Those who are on the go quite often will certainly appreciate the continuous flow of puzzlers for the PSP.

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12 years ago

Japan import at least!

12 years ago

Silence. Tense, nervous silence..Not so many locoroco fans, here, huh? Or not many whom will admit to be, atleast. The game was wonderfully artistic and charming. I wonder if Patapon 2 would generate more discussion. Actually, I'm sure any other game would generate more discussion.