Yesterday, D3Publisher announced they will be bringing their classic PSP lineup to the PC PlayStation Store in North America starting this month. Here's your chance, puzzle fans.

Now, you PSP owners won't need the actual UMD to play some of the best handheld puzzle titles of the generation. All you need to do is log on to the PC Store and download those you wish to try; a half-dozen will be awaiting your perusal.

Yoji Takenaka, president and chief executive officer of D3P, had this to say:

"D3Publisher is always looking to make fun and original gaming experiences easily accessible to everyone. We believe that making these classic PSP system titles available via digital distribution gives the games a new opportunity for discovery and the gamers a second chance at hours of enjoyment."

You may have passed on these games when they sat on the store shelves, simply because you had better options elsewhere. But now that all these titles are cheaper and more accessible, is there really any reason to pass them by again? Now that you've worked through the likes of God of War: Chains of Olympus and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII this year, perhaps it's time to simplify things and kick back with an addictive little puzzler.

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12 years ago

Nice! I just hope N(plus) (plus sign not working for some reason) comes on the store sometime soon as well, then maybe I'll think about buying it.

Last edited by Daedusian on 9/8/2008 11:31:51 PM

12 years ago

hmmm addictive puzzler… how will I get controller away from my wife????

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