Adult entertainment is coming to the PSP, at least in Japan anyway.

Beginning in July, Glay'z — a company that specializes in erotic entertainment — plans to start releasing titles from its library in UMD format.

The initial batch, to go on sale July 8th, will include three titles: The Big Breasted Nurse, Play-time With Riko Tachibana , and Anna Kaneshiro: High Grade First-Class Soap Lady .

Two more releases are set to go on sale July 22nd: Hunting by Glay'z V1: Young Wet Flesh and Beautiful Body Erotic Egoist .

All titles will be REGION FREE and cost either 2800yen ($26) or 3800yen ($35). Obviously, you'll only be able to buy this in Japan or from import shops that already carry "adult" DVDs from Japan.

Sorry we didn't provide links to the Glay'z web-site or to box pictures. We'd like to stay in business. You can probably Google them without much hassle if you're that curious.

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