Although it’s not well known to casual gamers, RPG fans are well aware of the critically acclaimed Suikoden franchise by Konami, which should be approaching a sixth iteration in the new generation. We still have no official confirmation that Suikoden VI is on the way, but we’d all like to assume it’s an inevitability.

However, a rumor found over at GameFront says the next entry in the long-running series might actually be made for the PSP instead of the PS3. Suikoden VI apparently popped up on a Japanese wholesaler website earlier today, even though the listing was promptly deleted not long after this discovery. Role-playing fans have been waiting for news of a new installment since Suikoden V on the PS2, and initially, we had heard rumors that the next title would definitely be on the PS3. But with all these old-school RPGs going portable to make way for the so-called progressive ones scheduled for the next-gen consoles, it would make sense that Suikoden VI would be exclusive to the PSP. Those who love the series may not like the idea, but we do think it’s quite plausible.

Perhaps Konami has an announcement planned for E3, and if so, we’ll be sure to pay close attention to their press conference. Now that MGS4 is out, Konami can certainly move forward and focus on a variety of promising projects, yes?

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12 years ago

Would be cool to another Suikoden.