The wait is almost over, European PSP owners: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII will be coming to a store near you next week, and Square-Enix is going to back it with a sizable cross-media advertising campaign. They're also calling it "the biggest release on the PSP this year," according to MCVUK.

Centresoft will handle the distribution duties in the UK, as Crisis Core brings its action/role-playing brilliance to Sony's handheld on Friday, June 20. You will start seeing ads for the game in the Official PSP and Official PlayStation magazines, plus huge campaigns that target the biggest online publications, like GameSpot and IGN. Heck, the game will even have its very own poster run on the London underground "and a promotional presence during Euro 2008." Euro gamers have proven in the past that they love their Final Fantasy , so it's no surprise to Square-Enix pulling out all the stops for the last major territorial release.

"With the imminent release of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, we have not only the biggest PSP release of the year, but also one of the most anticipated gaming launches of 2008," said Doug Bone, UK sales director. "The pre-order levels are tracking at an unprecedented rate and Crisis Core will undoubtedly be an essential purchase for gamers over the coming months."

Come launch day, you can score this mammoth PSP title one of three different ways: there's the standard retail copy, the special edition pre-order package that includes a nifty art book, and the super cool Limited Edition Crisis Core PSP bundle . Have fun choosing!

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12 years ago

Man, I really need to get a PSP. Been thinking about getting the GoW bundle. ;o

12 years ago

I have been playing it for months, and I live in Europe, but maybe not everyone is willing to import games from other continents. But I got mine back in march from U.S, couldn't wait til june for this game, june is for MGS4.