Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots comes out of the woodworks and blindsides us with a release this week, if you can believe it. We never saw this one coming, and… Kidding.

Anyway, we really didn't expect to see a possible new MGS title for the PSP so soon. According to Russian gaming site StarSniper and snagged by a variety of forumites around the Internet – including members of the forums – Konami will unveil a brand new handheld entry in the legendary series at next month's E3. Here's the information that's zipping from one end of the 'Net to the other at lightning speeds right now:

"The game is titled Metal Gear 3: Revolver Ocelot and it takes place between MGS: Portable Ops and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. It will feature some scenes from the original Metal Gear. The game uses a recruitment system similar to MGS:PO and the main character is Revolver Ocelot, looking similar to both MGS3 and MGS1. Big Boss is not a playable character, but appears sometimes during the cut scenes supervising the construction of outer heaven."

Well, it certainly sounds plausible, and Portable Ops+ has been out for a while, so perhaps it's time… We'll let you know if Konami replies to this, but we're guessing they won't, and we'll have to wait until E3 to get the scoop. Cross your fingers, PSP fans!

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12 years ago

I'm hoping this one turns out be true.
Ocelot has been a major character in the story of MGS, but we don't really know much about him. Hopefully this will clear up some of that shady background of his.

12 years ago

Ocelot is dead in MSG 2 since Liquid took him over so it doesn't matter anyways.