Logitech has unveiled a slew of new accessories and gadgets at this year's E3. We thought we'd bring two of them in particular to the attention of our PSP-owning readers, because these accessories are hot, hot, HOT.

First up is the PlayGear Amp portable audio set, which will ship at the end of June. This all-in-one package weighs approximately two pounds in all and comes with two powerful mini-speakers, a custom PSP-cradle, AC adapter, two audio cables, and a carrying case to hold it all. PlayGear Amp functions just like the popular cradles you've seen for Apple's iPod. Just slip your PSP into the cradle and you can sit back, relax, and watch your movies or listen to MP3's in rich stereo from anywhere in the room. This is for people who just don't think the build-in speakers are cutting it. The $60 retail price may seem steep, but that premium gets you speakers with two micro drivers per speaker and two different audio cables–one for use while watching movies and listening to MP3's and another, longer cable for when you want to play games.

Click here to see an image of the PlayGear Amp set.

Also attracting our interest was the PlayGear Street carrying case for PSP, which is set to ship in July for somewhere in the range of $20-$30. This case is made of tough polycarbonate plastic on the outside and soft cloth on the inside. Inside, you can carry a PSP, 6 games, and as many as 4 memory sticks. Plus, the case has cutouts so that you can plug in headphones and use your PSP as an MP3 player without removing it from the case. Multiple strap options allow you to wear it over the shoulder, clipped onto a bag or belt loop, or messenger style around your body.

Click here to see an image of the PlayGear Street case.

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