There's no denying it: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is not only one of the best RPGs ever, it's also one of the best PSP titles ever. However, while US gamers have had the chance to enjoy and appreciate this Final Fantasy VII prequel since late March, European gamers are still waiting…

But according to a translated press release from Square-Enix, it seems clear you won't have to wait for too much longer. We've heard more than a few estimated release dates, but none of them have been officially confirmed until now: Crisis Core arrives in Europe – and all PAL territories – on June 20. We had heard it would drop some time next month, but no specific date was provided at the time of those rumors. This is one action/RPG that absolutely cannot be missed, and we're certain that Square-Enix has always intended to deliver it to all major regions around the world. Euro gamers would probably never forgive the veteran publisher if they deprived them of Crisis Core .

If you have yet to pick up a PSP, PAL gamers, you had better own one before June 20. There's no excuse for missing out on this masterpiece.

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12 years ago

Isn't every one of these supposed to be the last one? Thing I hate about the series is how they always introduce some new concept just to scrap it in the next one. Say for instance Materia… as annoying as that system was, you then have to forget it completely and learn a new system. woooooow. Very annoying.

12 years ago

I already have it, and I live up in Norway (europe)

I could not wait all the way to june, so since PSP games are region free just like PS3 games. I just ordered it from north america.

and chinch, that thing about square enix making a complete new battle concept is why they have kept it going. If you had just the same battle and upgrading systems it would be to easy and kinda boring with the same style over ans over again.

A new concept in each title is what makes it fun and interesting, plus it shows that they are working.

The Job system in FFT is my favourite, but also sphere grid system in FFX is what I remember most.