Up until this point, the forthcoming Ghostbusters game has only been confirmed for the home consoles: the PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and PC. Upon seeing this lineup, it's easy to see that the PSP is missing, which was disappointing to fans of Sony's handheld. However, the game may be going portable after all, as Terminal Reality has recently stated.

According to Eurogamer, executive producer Brendan Goss didn't rule out the possibility of a PSP version-

"There are discussions right now about a PSP version," he said. "We're waiting to see how the PS2 stuff goes from a technical side with memory, then it may get ported to the PSP."

Obviously, it'd be difficult to port over a PS3 title to the PSP, but the game is also being made for the last-generation PS2. Therefore, it doesn't seem as big of a stretch to put Ghostbusters on the PSP, and that's good news. If you hadn't noticed, the PSP is rapidly gaining ground on the Nintendo DS and is currently one of the hottest pieces of electronic hardware on the market. This being the case, Terminal Reality might be well advised to issue a PSP version of Ghostbusters , and we'll let you know if they make that decision.

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