This could be just another example of that enhanced PS3/PSP connectivity, a very important feature to Sony (and to many gamers who own both platforms). But it's certainly big news nonetheless- according to CVG, LittleBigPlanet is "currently in development for the PSP at Sony Studio Liverpool."

Obviously, one would expect the handheld version to connect with the PS3 version, and that both would drop at about the same time. Currently, the promising cooperative-based platformer is scheduled for a September release on the PS3, but we have no idea if the PSP version will be available at the same time. CVG's source offered no further details besides confirming the existence of the project, but a few theories include a level editor for the PSP and levels that can be transferred between the two platforms. However, we've heard a great deal about the advanced movement and animation physics in LittleBigPlanet , and we get the feeling they'd be gimped on the PSP… Then again, the PSP has continued to impress on a consistent basis over the past year or so, which means it might be very possible.

Sony hasn't commented on this, but we expect a clarification by the end of the week. We're not really sure why they'd bother to keep this information hidden – why not announce LBP for the PS3 and PSP at the same time? – but perhaps they have their reasons. We'll let you know what we find out…

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12 years ago

I emailed Media Molecule about such an Idea a few months before christmas.

My idea was that the PSP could feature a 'level editor' featuring downgraded models/textures that work upon the PSP. When the PSP is connected to the PS3, all the unlockable content would be sent to the PSP for the level editor.

A level could then be created upon the PSP wherever and then uploaded back to the PS3 when you get home.

Unlikely, but who knows…

12 years ago

thats a good idea,I don't think I'd buy the PSP version if I can't transfer levels.