Update: We've just gotten word that update 3.95 is available now. Go get it!

Original Story:

Don't get too carried away thinking about the rumored PSP-3000; as much fun as it is to speculate, nothing has been officially confirmed just yet. But fear not, more good stuff is on the way for the PSP-2000, and that should be more than enough for ya. Don't be so greedy!

According to Eric Lempel, Director of PlayStation Network Operations, firmware update 3.95 is on the way, and we're going to get a couple very cool features. Here's what he posted over at the official PlayStation blog; it's a description of the upcoming enhancements:

"While playing PSone games on your PSP, you can now customize how the buttons are assigned by going to [Controller Settings] > [Assign Buttons] and select [Custom]."

"You can now quit Remote Play and choose to turn off your PS3 or leave it on after quitting. This is useful if you are performing a download and want to quit Remote Play, but still want your download to continue on the PS3. Select [Quit and Turn Off the PS3 System] or [Quit Without Turning Off the PS3 System] from [Quit Remote Play] when you press the HOME button on the PSP system."

Lempel says this update is will be "available shortly," and we'll let you know as soon as it drops. As Sony has already said, the PSP will continue to get more and more updates as time goes on, so with each new addition, that's just another reason to own this sleek little handheld!

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12 years ago

I believe its out.. my JP psp wants to download a new update, going to complete it soon, but yeah, I think its up now.

12 years ago

just to confirm ..its up.