Not surprisingly, Japan was the first to get Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII , which has been available over there since late last year. US gamers had to wait a bit longer, but we'll finally see it hit store shelves on March 25. As for European gamers…well, it's an even longer wait, guys. Sorry.

Square-Enix has finally launched the official European website for the massively anticipated PSP title, and it confirms a special edition pack for anybody who decides to pre-order online. That's the good news. The bad news is that it won't arrive until "late June," with one other source ( listing a specific June 27 date. Now, while the special edition should be super cool, it's still two months after it's scheduled to arrive in the US. By now, though, we figure you Euro gamers are used to this kind of thing, so perhaps you'll just shrug it off. Hey, at least you're still getting it, right? If we recall correctly, you guys didn't get many great games in the past, like Final Fantasy Tactics . Well, those days really are long gone.

As soon as we can confirm that June 27 date for you, we will. In the meantime, you might want to consider pre-ordering that special edition, especially if you're a big FF fan.

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12 years ago

FF Tactics was awful, I gave it back & got FF2 instead, Which i've enjoyed alot more. Any Info on what you get with the Special Edition Version?