Watching movies or shows on your TV with the PSP requires you to connect the cables, press play, and do whatever you can with the system to keep it stable. But the days of fiddling with the unit will soon be over, as Sony has announced the PSP Cradle for Japan, which allows you to power the unit during play, and also comes with a handy remote control.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan unveiled the "Cradle" and "Cradle & D Terminal AV Cable" today, with an expected release date of April 24. The Cradle is designed for the new slim and light PSP (PSP-2000), and the nifty holding accessory will retail for 4,800 yen; the one with the D Terminal AV Cable will cost 6,500 yen. Directly from the press release-

"'Cradle' will allow users to enjoy various entertainment content such as movies, videos and "1 Seg" viewing※1 by simply operating supplied card type remote control and also to charge the battery※2. "Cradle & D Terminal AV cable" fits for those who wish to enjoy PSP's high quality entertainment content on TVs in homes.※3 SCEJ will continue to expand the PSP platform and create a new world of computer entertainment with these new offerings."

It seems like every time you turn around, the PSP just got better. We'll let you know when/if this cool accessory is coming to North America…we really hope it does.

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13 years ago

Or you can just take out the memory stick and stick it in the PS3 for easy playability as well. Unless we're talking UMD's here

13 years ago

hmm this looks like a good investment. I have the cable to hook my PSP up to my Bravia TV, and this could help instead of laying it down. The remote looks good too.

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