Ever since Sony decided to give PSP owners another option for downloading content – the PC Store – we've been keeping a close eye on any new developments. This week, two playable demos have arrived, and both should be worth your attention.

First up is Puzzle Guzzle , where you must create diagonal shapes on a game board while your opponent attempts to stop it from happening. The PSP already has several excellent puzzle titles, and Irem Software should be delivering yet another one this month. Puzzle Guzzle will arrive in retail stores in North America on February 26. The second demo is for Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law , which is based on the popular US cartoon where superheroes and characters from those classic Hanna-Barbera shows do battle in the courtroom. The good news is that the video games based on this show are quite good…which definitely goes against the norm. The full game is currently available in the US; it released on January 8.

So if you'd like to sample both games, log on to the PC PSP Store and get to downloading. It's a great option for PSP owners who can't access the PlayStation Store via the PS3.

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13 years ago

Alright! Demos for the PSP! After the review I read here on Harvey Birdman, I can't say I wouldn't be interested in giving it a shot, but seeing as there's a demo, I'll know for sure! Hopefully see more demos in the future for the PSP.