The PSP is home to more than a few old-school compilations, and yet another one is on the way: today, Fonfun has announced that World Neverland 2in1 Portable: Olerud Kingdom & Republic of Pluto will be released in Japan this April.

If you're not familiar with these original PlayStation titles, you assume the role of a citizen in the countries of Olerud and Pluto, and you move through life with the surrounding residents. Basically, it's similar to The Sims , with a few minor differences. According to IGN, it seems that Fonfun is simply executing a direct port of these two titles, only with a "few presentation updates for the PSP." But that's not necessarily a bad thing, as those who never got the chance to play the originals will now get the opportunity on Sony's handheld.

Now, it may not be God of War: Chains of Olympus or Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII , but something like World Neverland adds a great deal of appreciated diversity to the PSP's library. Variety is never a bad thing. However, no word yet on whether or not this 2in1 pack will ever find its way to North America…

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K Phantom
K Phantom
13 years ago

Guys what is up with the Japanese taste in video game? They actually like NintendoDS!!!