It was one of the first full downloadable titles for the PlayStation Network, and it also remains one of the best. flOw is an original, addictive little game that was received very well by both gamers and critics alike, but up until now, it has been limited to PS3 owners.

According to a recent post at the official U.K. PlayStation site, it seems the intriguing title will soon be coming to the PSP! There's no exact release date as of yet, but at some point, owners of Sony's handheld will be able to log on to the PC PlayStation Store and pick up flOw . If you look at the information box on the right, you'll see some pertinent details for the game; it'll support up to four players via ad-hoc, for example. Even better, the upcoming PSP version is even listed at the ESRB's official website. Sony hasn't issued a confirmation yet, but we're hoping all of this is true.

The only problem is that the estimated release date is "January 2008." …well, today's the last day of January, so either this means flOw on the PSP is right around the corner, or it's simply a mistake. We say it's pretty reliable, though.

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13 years ago

Flow was a great PS3 download game but I'm not sure it will translate well to the PSP. Part of the fun of the game was the sixaxis control system.

13 years ago

Way, user comments.

I wasn't to keen on this game, its nice for the first time experience using the sixaxis and the game is innovative in design, however after 10 minutes you do get bored.
I think the best feature was the use of the sixaxis which isn't available on the PSP. Shame motion wasn't added to the PSP like I have on my Sony Ericsson K850i, maybe for the PSPhone?