March 25 might just be the biggest day of the year for PSP owners, considering that's the day Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII hits North American stores. Fans of Final Fantasy series are guaranteed to pick this up on the very first day of availability – at least, you had better! – but you probably want to pre-order it, too. And if you want to be all proactive about it, you'll get a little bonus! is offering a free "Shin-Ra Electric Power Company" UMD case when you pre-purchase Crisis Core . As of now, only Amazon is showing this pre-order promotion, but we can pretty much guarantee they won't be the last retailer to offer the UMD bonus. In fact, we're willing to bet you can get GameStop to fess up to the promotion if you check with them regarding a Crisis Core pre-order. If you're a big fan of FFVII and you absolutely must have this little collectible, then you had best drop a deposit down now.

Of course, we'd love to have any and all extras associated with this blockbuster title just because we're huge FF fans, and Square-Enix enjoys providing these goodies (usually). If there's any more news regarding Crisis Core bonuses, we'll be sure to let you know.

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