It's arguably the most anticipated PSP game of the year, and if you're a fan of the prior PS2 installments, God of War: Chains of Olympus most certainly is your most anticipated PSP game of 2008. Sony recently revealed the release date for this bad boy – March 4 – and now, the game's Senior Producer, Eric Koch, has revealed the box art over at the official PlayStation blog.

Here it is in all its picturesque glory, and we gotta say, that's one sweet bit of artistry. If you check out the post, you can also view the latest trailer for the highly anticipated action title, which is rife with loads of awesome gameplay footage! It makes us want God of War 3 on the PS3 that much more, but we're more than happy with this one for now. The GoW team has lost the leading expertise of David Jaffe, who has gone on to found his own development studio, Eat Sleep Play, but that doesn't mean we should expect anything less from Chains of Olympus . Besides, this handheld experience will be different than its console counterparts, and anything new in the GoW realm is good for everyone.

Come March 4, make sure you hurry down to the store and locate this pretty picture on the store shelf. If you're worried that it won't be there, go ahead and pre-order it; it's a can't-miss and must-own for for the PSP!

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