It's considered one of the "lesser-known classics" (unfortunately), but that only means a new generation should be privy to its old-school charms. United Coders has worked to deliver a remake of Dragon's Lair for the Nintendo DS, and now it appears they're also planning to bring this project to the PSP as well.

It was a fantastic fantasy adventure back in the day, one that had you embarking on a classic quest to save the damsel in distress from an evil dragon. The player would work his way through a dark and mysterious castle, where a wizard had tossed up all kinds of treacherous obstacles to get in your way. But if you succeeded, you would find the dragon's lair and become a true-blue hero by rescuing the princess! No, it's not a "next-gen" game, but that's okay, because we should always honor our roots. And if you look at this section of a recent press release for the DS version of Dragon's Lair , you'll see that PSP owners should soon be getting their own version:

"United Coders, developers of the Nintendo DS version of the game, are currently putting the final touches to the Nintendo DS version, and is currently seeking a publisher for a version of the game on the Sony PSP. In exchange for funding the development and intellectual property cost of Dragon’s Lair® for Sony PSP, the publisher will be granted the global publishing rights for the format. United Coders expect to begin development of Dragon’s Lair® for Sony PSP in February with a release date of Christmas 2008 on the platform."

Yep, we're already talking about Christmas 2008 when Christmas 2007 is but only a few days gone. Typical, right?

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