We suppose there are several ways to sell and purchase products over the Internet, so it's no surprise that Sony is considering a new option for PlayStation Network subscribers.

According to Siliconera, Sony is conducting a survey in Asia and one of the questions on the list is- “Which of the following offer from PLAYSTATION®Store (PC) that you find it appealing?”. After the badly translated question, one of the possible answers is- “Monthly subscription plan (1 price for unlimited download).” Accessing the Store via the PC is a fairly recent phenomenon to begin with, and one that most PSP owners should probably take advantage of; it eliminates the need to have a PlayStation 3 in order to get online content for the handheld. So does this sound like a good idea? Pay one set price for the month and have free reign of all the downloadable games, add-on content, etc.? We think it is.

Another question on the survey asked which UMD games users would most like to see on the Store. Obviously, one of the more popular responses is going to be Tekken , but we wouldn't be surprised to see that LocoRoco ended up with a lot of votes as well. Either way, Sony is clearly looking to enhance the appeal of the PC PS Store even more, and that's definitely a good thing. We'll let you know if they decide to institute a monthly subscription plan, and how much you'll pay for unlimited access to PSP content. Maybe we'll see this survey in North America some time soon…?

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