Square-Enix must really enjoy playing the role of Professional Video Game Tease, even though fans probably aren't the biggest fans of that approach. In the latest big Final Fantasy -related tease, it appears Tidus, the main character in Final Fantasy X , will be part of the cast in the upcoming PSP title, Final Fantasy Dissidia .

Tidus has popped up in other Square-Enix titles since FFX, including Kingdom Hearts , but it seems we'll be seeing him yet again. Evidently, and according to several sources including Forever-Fantasy.net, Tidus is clearly featured in the latest trailer for Dissidia , which has gotten everyone talking. Unfortunately, we can't view this trailer as it's still "private" and hasn't been released to the public. Therefore, we can't say for certain if this is true or not, and let's face it…it is possible they're misinterpreting the character shown in the video. After all, some of Square-Enix's designs have been pretty similar in the past; Tidus is kind of a stereotypical Japanese game construct.

But if it is true, it'll be exciting for fans of FFX. And we do expect to hear more about this during Jump Festa 2008, an event that should boast more info and details on Final Fantasy Dissidia . Perhaps then, we'll see the trailer in question, and then we can know for certain.

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