As it turns out, Sony's redesign of the PSP was a damn savvy move. The fresh new PSP-2000 is lighter, slimmer, and already in more demand than the original model, according to recent evidence summarized at PSPFanboy.

Consumers may have noticed the PSP is becoming difficult to find at many retailers across the country this holiday season, and that demand is clear online as well. While the Nintendo DS may still rule the roost – especially in Japan – the PSP is suddenly gaining ground, and it's actually outselling the DS at! Here are a few quotes from some CAG members on the subject of PSP demand-

"They are impossible to find in most stores, at least in my area." – SaraAB

"The PSP has been OOS for a long time (Core & Daxter) both B&M & Online. I've been trying to get one for weeks (and a decent deal) and TRU, Target, BB, CC, Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, Barnes & Noble have all been OOS and then got restocked but sold out very quickly." – J7.

"Let me add my voice to the chorus of truth: The Daxter bundle and the piano black slim ARE hard to find this holiday season in many areas. Not bad for a "failed system" (as some bozos were saying a year or so ago)." – canedaddy

You know, earlier this year, Sony couldn't give these things away. But that's what a redesign and a price drop (and more software, of course) will do for you, right? If you're having difficulty locating a PSP this holiday season, remember they're also available in those game bundles at some retailers, so make sure to ask. Even if the system itself is sold out, maybe one of those bundles is still sitting in the back somewhere…

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