Today, Agetec, Inc. has announced it will publish Puzzle Guzzle for the PSP, a brand new puzzler scheduled to arrive in North America for Sony's handheld some time this spring.

In the game, players attempt to assemble triangles and other shapes by rotating marked pieces, and the goal is to simply do this as fast as humanly possible. This is an interesting concept, because it requires that we think in "multiple dimensions" in order to conquer the game. The PSP is already home to more than a few fantastic puzzlers ( Lumines , Exit and the upcoming Echochrome ), and it appears owners are going to get another one. Quick and addictive, the pieces will continually fly at a faster and faster pace, creating more complex patterns you'll have to sort through. Best of all, you can always compete against a friend…whose mind is sharper?

“Puzzle Guzzle is sure to be a game that PSP® system owners will love,” said Mark Johnson, producer for Agetec, Inc. “It starts out simple enough, but it doesn’t take long before that classic panicked feeling starts taking over as the game becomes progressively more challenging.”

We love that "classic panicked feeling!" We first experienced it with Tetris all those years ago, and puzzle fans thrive on that sensation. We have high hopes for Puzzle Guzzle , and if you're interested as well, check out the new screenshots !

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