Want to give Wipeout Pulse a try before it even releases? Do you live in Europe? Well, make sure you check the PSP Store for the PC today; it will have a playable demo of the game for anybody craving some insanely fast handheld entertainment.

According to Eurogamer, it's not on the Store just yet, but Sony has already sent out the press release to a number of Euro sources. They even included a few new screenshots and added details for the game and demo, which we unfortunately didn't see…us being all the way over here in the States. It was a fun release by the sound of it, though, as Sony dubbed this demo "the essential pre-tournament test." Once downloaded, you'll be able to sample one track and one team from the FX400 league, and you can play in either Single Race or Time Trial mode. This sounds all very well and good, and while you guys across the pond are basking in the glow, we're left out in the cold! Oh well, with all the stuff that arrives in Europe late, we suppose you deserve some special treatment every now and then.

Wipeout Pulse is slated to arrive in Europe on December 14, but it still retains a "TBA" date for the US.

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