North American gamers were certainly happy to learn of the release date for God of War: Chains of Olympus (March 4, 2008), but our European friends were once again left out in the cold. But it was only temporary, as it seems Sony Europe's press site has issued a release estimate for the hot PSP action title- March 2008. No, there's no exact date, but could this mean it will arrive in both regions simultaneously?

More often than not, European players have to wait considerably longer for even the highest-profile titles, but it seems Sony isn't about to keep them waiting this time. Chains of Olympus marks the stellar franchise's debut on the PSP, and owners of the handheld have been itching to get their hands on it ever since Ready at Dawn announced it earlier this year. As the new year rolls closer, we do expect to see more details and information on the game, but we're relatively certain it's going to be a kick-ass title. Remember, the first two installments on the PS2 turned out to be a couple of the finest games in history…why should this one be any different? And if March is accurate for both regions, everyone oughta be happy.

We'll attempt to nail down a more exact release date for all you Euro gamers out there, but in the meantime, it does seem likely we'll both be reveling in a new Kratos adventure at relatively the same time!

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