Sometimes, the best places to look for new game information are places that are required stops on the way to a title's release. One such location is the ESRB, who has to rate every game before it can be sold at retail. Well, according to the latest updated ESRB list, it seems PSP owners have a mysterious game on the way…we say "mysterious" because the name isn't exactly a dead giveaway.

Warhawk for the PSP has received a rating of "E for Everyone" from the Board, but obviously, the rating isn't the story. Now, we could be looking at any number of possibilities, but the prevailing rumor now is that it's a remake of the original PS1 title. One other possibility has revolved around remote play between the PS3 and PSP for the already-released PS3 game, but that doesn't seem plausible. For one, we don't see how the same game would be rated "T" on one platform and only "E" on another, nor would it make much sense to pit PS3 players using a Sixaxis against PSP players using the handheld's controls. We'll say that's the least likely of the possibilities at this point.

Of course, and this is what everyone is thinking- could this be a ported version of the PS3 game? And if so, what are the differences? There have to be a few for the rating to be changed, right? Perhaps it's just another PS1 classic that will arrive on the PlayStation Store for download…but would that require a re-rating? We certainly have a lot of questions and more than a few theories, but very little answers. We'll see what we can find out.

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