It took a few months before the PlayStation Network truly embraced both the PS3 and PSP, as you weren't able to play downloadable PS1 classics on anything but the PSP…at first. And most of us are used to downloading PS3 demos, but what about the PSP? Well, thanks to the new option that lets you download PSP content on the PC and transfer it to the handheld, more of it is on the way. According to the PSP Download Center, the Network is about to get another influx of PSP demos, including the apparent confirmation of a Wipeout Pulse playable demo!

Members of the PSP community evidently received an e-mail from Sony Computer Entertainment, and here's part of it-

"Get your hands on exclusive PLAYSTATION Network full games such as Go! Puzzle™ and Beats™, playable demos like WipEout® Pulse and LocoRoco™ and downloadable versions of existing UMD™ PSP games including B-Boy™, Fired Up™ and Go! Sudoku."

These will become available for PlayStation Store on PC very soon, although we wish we could find some official release dates. We do expect all these demos to arrive in time for Christmas, of course, and if Sony decides to hand out the Wipeout Pulse demo launch date, we'll be sure to let you know. It's destined to be one of the PSP's biggest titles when it finally arrives.

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