It's no secret that Japan has adored Nintendo products since the launch of the DS and Wii, as their handheld has dominated just about every sales chart throughout the world for the past year. Japan especially loves that thing, and far more than the PSP…but as we've seen in the past few months with the PS3 vs. Wii, things could be turning around.

According to IGN, Sony has announced that as of November 22, the new PSP-2000 (Lite) model has reached the million units shipped mark in Japan. The redesigned version managed to hit the plateau a full two weeks before the original PSP did, and they're not even counting the sales of that Limited Edition Crisis Core pack, which are bound to be significant. Ever since the new PSP released back on September 20 in the region, it has been a fast seller, and its popularity should continue through the 2007 holiday season. Sony has prepared a Deep Red PSP version for December 13, too, so that should help even more. Only the DS Lite has topped the PSP-2000 in recent weeks, but that's because the Lite is like air to the Japanese; they just have to have it.

As you can see from the latest data , the PSP is finally a strong seller in Japan. Now let's see if it can maintain its freshly acquired momentum!

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