Ever since the game's unveiling, we were all wondering how Bethesda was planning to jam such a massive title onto the relatively limiting hardware of the PSP. But we certainly wanted to see how it turned out, because being able to play something like Oblivion on the go could be an awesomely engrossing experience. Unfortunately, it seems we'll never know now.

Although there is no official word yet from Bethesda, Kotaku reports that GameStop is telling everyone that The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion for the PSP has been canceled. The game was supposed to ship way back in the spring, and when it didn't, rumors began to circulate about the title's impending cancellation. This appears to be the final deathblow, but again, it's not exactly official. However, GameStop has removed Oblivion PSP from its online database, and every employee will tell you the project is no longer happening.

Well, at least the PSP has plenty of other great RPGs on the way. We were hoping to see this one, of course, but we can be happy with other, more traditional titles. It was an ambitious idea, though, and we applaud ambitious ideas.

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