"Dude, get your own." Most of you know this as the PSP ad campaign you always see on TV. Well, SCEA thinks it needs just a little extra star power, and they've announced their bringing on New York Giants great Michael Strahan to assist. The sack master will accompany that "annoying guy" who's always popping up in the commercials, and help to push the new PSP Slim.

"Using Michael Strahan in the title spot helps us convey the message that PSP is one of the most aspirational entertainment devices out there," said Peter Dille, senior vice president, marketing and PlayStation Network, SCEA. "We know that celebrities and athletes are on the road a lot and travel with their PSPs. Michael and a number of his teammates are big fans of PSP so it was a natural tie-in to include him in the campaign."

We have difficulty understanding how a professional athlete helps to sell an electronic handheld gaming device, but hey, a name's a name. Besides, it seems clear that Strahan actually enjoys playing the PSP, and is happily helping out 'cuz he likes the little thing.

"I love playing my PSP and getting to work with these guys for the advertising campaign has been a lot of fun," said Strahan. "With my busy travel schedule during the season, the new PSP is a perfect companion for long road trips and allows me to play against my teammates in online matches when we are together or even across the country."

Now that makes sense; we should've thought of that. Anybody who's on the road a lot will make friends with the PSP, right? Anyway, this new TV spot is scheduled to hit just in time for Christmas and continue on into January. You'll see it all over the place, as you might expect, and that includes the likes of FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, ESPN2 Comedy Central, MTV, USA and Spike TV. Strahan's a charismatic individual, and if he likes playin', than we support SCEA's decision 100%. Go Big Blue!

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