The PSP remakes continue to come to light, and the latest is Square-Enix's Star Ocean: The First Departure . Fans of the series have been waiting for more details concerning this Star Ocean resurrection, and Famitsu always obliges the RPG followers. In their most recent issue, they've included a special two-page spread that features a bunch of new information about the game.

We're getting a completely overhauled intro, fully redesigned characters, voice acting (the original title certainly didn't have that), and an enhanced battle system. But let's start with those characters; the females have been unveiled: Marven Frozen, a woman with a mysterious past who wants vengeance and fights with a magic ball, and Perisie is the second leading lady…and she can turn into a cat. Yeah, a little bizarre, but that's the way this world is.

Now, about that revamped combat and Skills system- a character's growth will be "crucial" to your success, although we're not quite sure how that "growth" will occur. However, we do know they've added a brand new Skill and the Super Special Skill system from Star Ocean 2 is now in the game, too. Lastly, Square-Enix has worked to throw in an additional chapter entitled "The Crimson Shield," which should add some insight into an already-engaging storyline. We're not quite sure when this anticipated RPG remake for the PSP will arrive, but we do know fans are excited about it. How could they not be? Star Ocean: The First Departure sounds great!

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